Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The personal information you leave on our website will be kept confidential and will not be sold or rented to third parties. The information may be used to complete a merchant agreement, if the business owner has chosen to do so and only at their consent. A person may receive occasional mailings, offers, and notifications from Donup, and you can always request an opt-out request by emailing us here: or utilize the opt-out of email program.

Sensitive data compiled from merchant account agreements is treated with the utmost security. Data is encrypted once the agreements are in place. Original documents are either provided to the merchant prior to approval, after approval, and/or via secure mailing on a data storage device. Original data is protected through removal of sensitive information, encryption and in some cases password protection. We take data security seriously. Questions, please email us at


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Great company, great customer service, and they saved us money too!
Diana- Grillo Landscape Solutions

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